One of the most fascinating about ARM processors is that it is making it possible for people in developing countries to have access to technology that would have been unthinkable for them otherwise. The guys behind the Raspberry Pi are the ones who are working to make it even easier by creating a computer that is only $25 ($35 with more options).

In many places I have visited in the past, having access to such a small, low power and compact computer would have helped the locals and the students tremendously to give them a chance to learn about computers, having access to internet, using educational programs that are hard to find or too expensive to purchase.

The low power of this device, the fact that it does not need a fan or hard drive, makes this even more interesting.

Raspberry pi Beta board

I am so looking forward to get my hand on one of these. It will be interesting to see if I can install a mini Ubuntu and some educational program on it and test run it with my kids and create a small distribution like Edubuntu,  Foresight KidsQimo,  Kiddix or DoudouLinux so we can take it with us next time we go to Ghana.


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  1. admin on 03 Jan 2012

    You can buy samples of the device on e-bay:

    all benefits will go to Raspberry Pi Foundation